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Catalogue 57

A Catalogue of Second Hand Music

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26864Piano Novelties, etc.AlbumLawrence Wright's Third Album of Famous Novelty Piano Solos£6.50Add to Cart
26865Piano Novelties, etc.Alter, LouisManhattan Serenade£4.00Add to Cart
26868Piano Novelties, etc.Berlin, IrvingCall Me Madam, Piano Selection£3.50Add to Cart
26869Piano Novelties, etc.Black, StanleyStanley Black's Transcriptions for Piano£5.00Add to Cart
26871Piano Novelties, etc.Brodszky, NicholasThe Way to the Stars£4.50Add to Cart
26872Piano Novelties, etc.Carmichael, HoagyStar Dust£5.00Add to Cart
26874Piano Novelties, etc.Comer, DavidHors d'oeuvre, Foxtrot£2.50Add to Cart
26875Piano Novelties, etc.Confrey, ZezZez Confrey's Modern Course in Novelty Piano Playing£15.00Add to Cart
26879Piano Novelties, etc.Coward, NoelThis Year of Grace, Piano Selection£3.50Add to Cart
26880Piano Novelties, etc.De Rose, PeterDeep Purple£3.00Add to Cart
26882Piano Novelties, etc.Fare, FlorenceThe Gazeka's Lancers£5.00Add to Cart
26883Piano Novelties, etc.Garner, ErrollPiano Solos, Book Two (6 Solos)£5.00Add to Cart
26884Piano Novelties, etc.Gershwin, GeorgeLove Walked in, arr. Louis C. Singer£3.00Add to Cart
26886Piano Novelties, etc.Glogau, Jack & King, RobertFashionette£6.50Add to Cart
26887Piano Novelties, etc.Greer, JesseFlapperette£6.50Add to Cart
26888Piano Novelties, etc.Hague, AlbertPlain and Fancy, Selection£3.50Add to Cart
26890Piano Novelties, etc.Hanmer, RonaldFashion Parade£3.50Add to Cart
26891Piano Novelties, etc.Henderson, RayThe Birth of the Blues, arr. Tony Lowry£3.00Add to Cart
26894Piano Novelties, etc.Ives, MalcolmThe Clockwork Corporal£6.50Add to Cart
26895Piano Novelties, etc.Kern, JeromeLong Ago, arr. Louis C. Singer£2.50Add to Cart
26896Piano Novelties, etc.Kern, JeromeAll the Things You Are, arr. Louis C. Singer£2.50Add to Cart
26897Piano Novelties, etc.King, ReginaldSong of Paradise£2.50Add to Cart
26903Piano Novelties, etc.Mayerl, BillyAlbum of Piano Transcriptions£4.50Add to Cart
26907Piano Novelties, etc.Mayerl, BillyThe Jazz Mistress£3.50Add to Cart
26909Piano Novelties, etc.Mayerl, BillyHollyhock£5.00Add to Cart
26910Piano Novelties, etc.Mayerl, BillySweet William£4.00Add to Cart
26913Piano Novelties, etc.McGuffie, BillFrancis & Day's Album of Jazz Classics£5.00Add to Cart
26915Piano Novelties, etc.New, DerekCross Hands Boogie£4.00Add to Cart
26917Piano Novelties, etc.Paramor, NorrieFrancis & Day's Album of Piano Solos in Dixieland Style, No.2£3.50Add to Cart
26918Piano Novelties, etc.Phillips, DonaldConcerto in Jazz (Complete Piano Solo)£5.00Add to Cart
26919Piano Novelties, etc.Race, SteveChloe£3.00Add to Cart
26920Piano Novelties, etc.Rose, DavidHoliday for Strings£3.50Add to Cart
26921Piano Novelties, etc.Rose, DavidDance of the Spanish Onion£3.50Add to Cart
27086Piano Novelties, etc.Scott, Hazel5 Solos from Boogie Woogie to the Classics£3.00Add to Cart
26923Piano Novelties, etc.Shearing, GeorgeA Book of Shearing Magic, No.1£4.50Add to Cart
26924Piano Novelties, etc.Somers, DebroyChildhood Memories, Savoy Medley One-Step£5.00Add to Cart
26927Piano Novelties, etc.Torch, SidneyAll Strings and Fancy Free£3.00Add to Cart
26932Piano Novelties, etc.Waller, Thomas "Fats"Francis & Day's Album of Fats Waller Musical Rhythms£5.00Add to Cart
26933Piano Novelties, etc.Wayne, BernieTropicana£3.50Add to Cart
26934Piano Novelties, etc.Whiteley, NormanDusky Aristocrat£3.50Add to Cart
26935Piano Novelties, etc.Wilson, SandyThe Buccaneer, Piano Selection£3.50Add to Cart
26936Piano Novelties, etc.Yorke, PeterDawn Fantasy£3.50Add to Cart
26971Two PianosArensky, AntonFantasia on Themes by Ryabinin, Op.48, For Piano & Orchestra£10.00Add to Cart
26973Two PianosArensky, AntonPiano Concerto, Op.2£6.50Add to Cart
27087Two PianosKabalevsky, DmitriConcerto No.3, Op.50£5.50Add to Cart
26952Two PianosProkofieff, SergeThird Concerto, Op.26£14.50Add to Cart
26957Two PianosProkofieff, SergeConcerto No.1, Op.10£7.50Add to Cart
26950Two PianosRachmaninoff, SergeRhapsody on a theme by Paganini, Op.43£7.50Add to Cart
26948Two PianosRimsky-Korsakov, N.Concerto pour Piano, Op.30 (Large format copy)£8.50Add to Cart
26942Two PianosRubinstein, Anton4ieme Concerto, Op.70 (First edition)£12.50Add to Cart

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All items are in the standard format for their type, are in good second-hand condition (or better) unless otherwise described. They are in original wrappers unless unbound, disbound, library bound or otherwise described. Only major or obvious minor faults are described. Previous owner's signatures (etc.) or library stamps are only noted if particularly intrusive.