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Catalogue 58

A Catalogue of Second Hand Music

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27369HarpsichordAlbumKeyboard Music from Polish Manuscripts, Volume III: Fantasias from Ms 300.R. Vv, 123, Archiwum Wojewodzkie, Gdansk£10.00Add to Cart
27387HarpsichordLe Huray, Peter (ed.)The Fingering of Virginal Music£3.50Add to Cart
27219OrganAlbumThe Visby (Petri) Organ Tablature: Investigation and Critical Edition by Jeffrey T. Kite-Powell (2 Volumes, Cloth)£75.00Add to Cart
27220OrganAlbumThe Clausholm Music Fragments, Reconstructed and edited by Henrik Glahn and Soren Sorensen£15.00Add to Cart
27221OrganAlbumKeyboard Music from Polish Manuscripts Volume I: Organ Chorales by Nicolaus Hasse & Ewaldt£10.00Add to Cart
27226OrganAlbumLinzer Orgeltabulatur£6.50Add to Cart
27227OrganAlbumMusiche Pistoiesi per Organo, Fascicolo I: Anonimo del sec.XVIII£15.00Add to Cart
27233OrganAlbumLe Livre d'Orgue du Pere Pingre (Anonymes francais du XVIIIe siecle)£5.00Add to Cart
27235OrganAlbumOrgelstucke aus der Orgelschule Wegweiser (Augsburg 1668)£5.00Add to Cart
27236OrganAlbumSechs spanische und portugiesische Batallas des 17. Jahrhunderts (Orgel-Cembalo)£5.00Add to Cart
27237OrganAlbumFreie Oregelwerke des Norddeutschen Barocks£8.50Add to Cart
27239OrganAlbumColeccion de Obras de Organo (Manuscrito encontrado en la Catedral de Astorga)£7.50Add to Cart
27240OrganAlbumAntologia de Organistas Clasicos Espanoles (Siglos XVI, XVII y XVIII), 2 Volumes£15.00Add to Cart
27242OrganAlbumDie Luneburger Orgelntabulatur KN 208 (Cloth)£30.00Add to Cart
27243OrganAlbumLe Livre d'Orgue de Montreal (Facsimile edition)£50.00Add to Cart
27254OrganAlbumFaber Early Organ Series, Volume 12: The Netherlands & N. Germany c.1650- c.1710£5.00Add to Cart
27258OrganAlbumFaber Early Organ Series, Volume 16: Italy 1517-1599£5.00Add to Cart
27259OrganAlbumFaber Early Organ Series, Volume 17: Italy 1600-1635£5.00Add to Cart
27260OrganAlbumFaber Early Organ Series, Volume 18: Italy 1615- c.1700£5.00Add to Cart
27222OrganAlbum Anonymous; Cato, Diomedes; Podbielski, J.; Wartecki, M.; Zelechowski, P.Keyboard Music from Polish Manuscripts Volume IV: Organ Music£10.00Add to Cart
27225OrganAlbum Guillet, Charles; Luython, Carolus; Macque, Giovanni deWerken voor Orgel of voor vier Speeltuigen£20.00Add to Cart
27229OrganAlbum Hofhaimer, Paul; Puchner, Hans2 Recordare£4.50Add to Cart
27238OrganAlbum Lidon, Jose; Lopez, F.M.; Oxinaga, Joaquin; Sesse, Juan deOrganistas de la Real Capila, I (Siglo XVIII)£10.00Add to Cart
27231OrganAlbum Anonymous; Corrette, Gaspard; Nivers, GuillaumeFive French Baroque Organ Masses£6.50Add to Cart
27224OrganAlbum Helmont, Ch.-J. van; Raick, DieudonneWerken voor Orgel of voor Clavecimbel£20.00Add to Cart
27232OrganAlbum Raison, Andre; Schlik, A.; Sweelinck, J.P.Da pacem Domine, Versets£4.00Add to Cart
27228OrganAlbum Anonymous; Senfl, LudwigZwei Orgelstucke aus einer Kartner Orgeltabulatur des 16. Jahrhunderts£3.50Add to Cart
27215OrganBoyvin, JacquesPremiere Livre d'Orgue (Vol. I)£7.50Add to Cart
27216OrganBoyvin, JacquesOeuvres Completes d'Orgue (cloth)£15.00Add to Cart
27212OrganCabanilles, JuanOpera omnia nunc primum in lucem edita cura et studio Hyginii Angles (Musica organici), 3 Volumes£45.00Add to Cart
27211OrganCaldara, AntonioPraeambulum e Fuga£2.50Add to Cart
27210OrganCimarosa, DomenicoSinfonia per Organo£2.50Add to Cart
27204OrganCorrette, GaspardMesse du 8e Ton£4.00Add to Cart
27205OrganCorrette, MichelPremiere Livre d'Orgue & Nouveau Livre de Noels£15.00Add to Cart
27201OrganCouperin, LouisL'Oeuvre d'Orgue£6.50Add to Cart
27198OrganCroner, DanielAusgewahlte Stucke£5.00Add to Cart
27195OrganDaquin, Louis-ClaudeNoels£5.00Add to Cart
27194OrganDu Caurroy, EustacheFantasies£15.00Add to Cart
27192OrganDumont, HenriL'oeuvre pour clavier, pour orgue sans pedale ou harmonium£4.00Add to Cart
27190OrganFrescobaldi, GirolamoNove Toccate Inedite£5.00Add to Cart
27189OrganFroberger, Johann JakobAusgewahlte Orgelwerke£8.50Add to Cart
27188OrganGabrieli, AndreaOrgel- und Klavierwerke (5 Volumes)£40.00Add to Cart
27187OrganGerber, H.N.Four Inventions£3.50Add to Cart
27186OrganGherardeschi, GiuseppeMusiche Pistoiesi per Organo, Fascicolo II£10.00Add to Cart
27185OrganGigault, NicolasOrgan Book in three volumes£8.50Add to Cart
27184OrganGuilain, Jean-AdamPieces d'Orgue£7.50Add to Cart
27180OrganHofhaimer, PaulTanndernack£5.00Add to Cart
27177OrganKindermann, Johann ErasmusHarmonia organica£5.00Add to Cart
27176OrganKittel, J.C.Three Preludes£3.50Add to Cart
27175OrganKolb, CarlmannCertamen Aonium£6.50Add to Cart

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