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Catalogue 60

A Catalogue of Second Hand Music

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28226Piano SoloAlbum Alford, Edith; Austin, Ernest; Pearce, Charles W.; Quilter, Roger; Scott, Cyril; Scott-Baker, H.Pleasure Pieces, Book I (Easy)£4.00Add to Cart
28229Piano SoloAllon, OscarAbide with Me (with Variations)£3.00Add to Cart
28233Piano SoloAlwyn, WilliamSelected Works, Volume 1£6.50Add to Cart
28234Piano SoloAlwyn, WilliamSelected Works, Volume 2£6.50Add to Cart
28235Piano SoloAlwyn, WilliamMidsummer Night£3.50Add to Cart
28237Piano SoloAncliffe, CharlesCanterbury Chimes (The Pilgrim's Way), Intermezzo£3.50Add to Cart
28238Piano SoloAncliffe, CharlesMarie Antoinette, Court Menuet£2.50Add to Cart
28239Piano SoloArlen, AlbertThe Alamein Concerto£5.00Add to Cart
28244Piano SoloBach, J.S.A Bach Book for Harriet Cohen£7.50Add to Cart
28250Piano SoloBarry, GeraldMidday£3.50Add to Cart
28258Piano SoloBax, ArnoldWhirligig£4.50Add to Cart
28262Piano SoloBax, ArnoldThe Maiden with the Daffodil£4.00Add to Cart
28270Piano SoloBax, ArnoldCountry-Tune£4.50Add to Cart
28271Piano SoloBenjamin, ArthurSeven items bound together: Chinoiserie; Fantasies (2 books); Let's Go Hiking; Pastorale, Arioso & Finale; Tambourin; Scherzino£14.00Add to Cart
28275Piano SoloBenjamin, GeorgePiano Figures£6.50Add to Cart
28278Piano SoloBennett, Richard RodneyScena I£5.00Add to Cart
28282Piano SoloBerkeley, LennoxSonata£6.50Add to Cart
28286Piano SoloBesly, MauriceAn Arrangement of the Londonderry Air£2.50Add to Cart
28477Piano SoloBinge, RonaldElizabethan Serenade£2.50Add to Cart
28287Piano SoloBirtwistle, HarrisonPrecis (First edition)£5.00Add to Cart
28288Piano SoloBishop, HenryOverture to Guy Mannering£5.00Add to Cart
28290Piano SoloBliss, ArthurMiracle in the Gorbals£16.50Add to Cart
28291Piano SoloBliss, ArthurAdam Zero£25.00Add to Cart
28292Piano SoloBliss, ArthurAdam Zero (with decorative front wrapper)£30.00Add to Cart
28295Piano SoloBliss, ArthurSonata for Pianoforte (first edition)£10.00Add to Cart
28297Piano SoloBliss, ArthurSonata for Pianoforte (corrected edition)£10.00Add to Cart
28299Piano SoloBliss, ArthurTwo Interludes£3.00Add to Cart
28314Piano SoloBowen, YorkArabesque & Reverie d'Amour, Op.20 (1 & 2)(archive copies)£5.00Add to Cart
28315Piano SoloBowen, YorkRomance in Gb (No.1), Op.35/2£4.50Add to Cart
28316Piano SoloBowen, YorkThree Sketches, Op.43 (archive copy)£4.00Add to Cart
28319Piano SoloBowen, YorkMood Phases, Book I, Op.52£5.50Add to Cart
28320Piano SoloBowen, YorkThe Way to Polden, Op.76£2.50Add to Cart
28321Piano SoloBowen, YorkCapriccio, Op.77£5.00Add to Cart
28327Piano SoloBowen, YorkIdyll, Op.97 (archive copy)£2.50Add to Cart
28330Piano SoloBowen, YorkTwo Intermezzi, Op.141£4.50Add to Cart
28335Piano SoloBowen, YorkEvening Calm£4.50Add to Cart
28336Piano SoloBowen, YorkBarcarolle£3.50Add to Cart
28337Piano SoloBowen, YorkTwo Pieces: Minuet & Gavotte£2.50Add to Cart
28338Piano SoloBowen, YorkHumoresque£2.50Add to Cart
28342Piano SoloBridge, FrankSeven items bound together: Romance; Minuet; A Sea Idyll; Capriccio (No.1); 3 Improvisiations (L.H.); 3 Sketches; 3 Miniature Pastorals. Bound with Quilter: Op.19/2 & Op.16, 1 & 2£10.00Add to Cart
28343Piano SoloBridge, FrankCapriccio (No.1)£5.00Add to Cart
28344Piano SoloBridge, FrankDramatic Fantasia£4.00Add to Cart
28346Piano SoloBridge, Frank3 Pieces: Columbine; Minuet; Romance£5.00Add to Cart
28351Piano SoloBusch, WilliamAllegretto quasi pastorale£6.50Add to Cart
28361Piano SoloCoates, EricLondon Suite£4.50Add to Cart
28363Piano SoloCoates, EricIn Town To-night, From the Suite "London"£3.50Add to Cart
28365Piano SoloCoates, EricFrom Meadow to Mayfair, Suite£6.50Add to Cart
28367Piano SoloCoates, EricSpringtime, Suite£3.50Add to Cart
28369Piano SoloCoates, EricSummer Days, Suite£5.00Add to Cart
28375Piano SoloCoates, EricThe Three Elizabeths, Suite£5.00Add to Cart

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