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Songs for Solo Voice(s)

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29173Songs for Solo Voice(s)Arrieu, ClaudePoemes de Louise de Vilmorin£3.50Add to Cart
29174Songs for Solo Voice(s)Bartok, BelaEight Hungarian Folksongs, Voice and Piano£4.00Add to Cart
29175Songs for Solo Voice(s)Bartok, BelaFive Hungarian Folksongs, Voice and Piano£4.00Add to Cart
29176Songs for Solo Voice(s)Bartok, BelaZwanzig ungarische Volkslieder, Gesang und Klavier, Book I: Lieder der Trauer£3.00Add to Cart
29177Songs for Solo Voice(s)Bellini, Vincenzo15 Composizioni da Camera, per canto e pianoforte£7.50Add to Cart
29178Songs for Solo Voice(s)Blancafort, ManuelTres Cancons de Nadal£5.00Add to Cart
29180Songs for Solo Voice(s)Castelnuovo-Tedesco, M.Four Shakespeare Songs, for Baritone and Piano£3.50Add to Cart
29181Songs for Solo Voice(s)Chaminade, CecileMesse, pour deux voix egales, Op.167: Agnus Dei£1.50Add to Cart
29182Songs for Solo Voice(s)Chausson, ErnestVingt Melodies, piano et chant£9.50Add to Cart
29183Songs for Solo Voice(s)Chausson, ErnestMelodies (14), pour Chant et Piano, High Voice£10.00Add to Cart
29185Songs for Solo Voice(s)Cornelius, PeterAlbum of 21 Songs (21 Lieder), Low Voice£8.50Add to Cart
29186Songs for Solo Voice(s)Cornelius, PeterSamtliche Duette, fur Gesang mit und ohne Pianofortebegleitung£6.50Add to Cart
29187Songs for Solo Voice(s)Donaudy, Stefano36 Arie di stile antico, per canto e pianoforte, Serie I: 12 Arie£4.50Add to Cart
29188Songs for Solo Voice(s)Donizetti, GaetanoCompsizioni da Camera, per canto e pianoforte, Volume I£6.50Add to Cart
29189Songs for Solo Voice(s)Donizetti, GaetanoCompsizioni da Camera, per canto e pianoforte, Volume II£7.50Add to Cart
29190Songs for Solo Voice(s)Donizetti, GaetanoNuits d'ete a Pausilippe£12.50Add to Cart
29191Songs for Solo Voice(s)Donizetti, Gaetano6 Arie, per canto e pianoforte£4.50Add to Cart
29192Songs for Solo Voice(s)Donizetti, GaetanoParafresi del Christus£10.00Add to Cart
29193Songs for Solo Voice(s)Falla, Manuel deSept Chansons Populaires Espagnoles (Large format copy)£5.00Add to Cart
29195Songs for Solo Voice(s)Faure, GabrielMelodies et Duos, Volume 1: Premieres Melodies, 1861-1875£22.00Add to Cart
29198Songs for Solo Voice(s)Godard, Benjamin20 Melodies, Chant et Piano£8.50Add to Cart
29200Songs for Solo Voice(s)Haydn, JosephWerke, Reihe XXIX, Band 1: Lieder£15.00Add to Cart
29201Songs for Solo Voice(s)Herbert-Caesari, E.Alknomock (The Death Song of the Cherokee Indians), Low£3.50Add to Cart
29202Songs for Solo Voice(s)Hovhaness, AlanOut of the Depths, Voice and Piano£3.00Add to Cart
29203Songs for Solo Voice(s)Janacek, LeosZapisnik zmizeleho (The Diary of One Who Disappeared) (Urtext)£8.50Add to Cart
29204Songs for Solo Voice(s)Krieger, Johann PhilippVierundzwanzig Lieder un Arien, Heft 1: No. 1-12£4.00Add to Cart
29205Songs for Solo Voice(s)Lees, BenjaminSongs of the Night£5.00Add to Cart
29206Songs for Solo Voice(s)Leguerney, JacquesVingt Poemes de la Pleiade, 1er Recueil (1-6)£7.50Add to Cart
29208Songs for Solo Voice(s)Levade, CharlesLes Vieilles de chez nous (High)£3.00Add to Cart
29209Songs for Solo Voice(s)Macdowell, EdwardEight Songs, Op.47£8.50Add to Cart
29210Songs for Solo Voice(s)Macdowell, EdwardSix Love Songs, Op.40£8.50Add to Cart
29211Songs for Solo Voice(s)Macdowell, EdwardFive Songs, Op.11 & 12 (Low or Medium)£5.00Add to Cart
29212Songs for Solo Voice(s)Massenet, Jules12 Selected Songs (Low Voice)£5.00Add to Cart
29215Songs for Solo Voice(s)Messiaen, OlivierPoemes pour Mi, Livres 1 & 2 (Large format)£10.00Add to Cart
29216Songs for Solo Voice(s)Mussorgsky, M.Complete Songs£16.50Add to Cart
29217Songs for Solo Voice(s)Nicode, Jean LouisThree Songs, Op.15£4.50Add to Cart
29218Songs for Solo Voice(s)Nin, JoaquinVingt Chants Populaires Espagnols, Deuxieme Cahier£10.00Add to Cart
29219Songs for Solo Voice(s)Nin, JoaquinQuatorze Airs Anciens d'Auteurs Espagnols, Premier Recueil: Sept Chants Lyriques£6.50Add to Cart
29220Songs for Solo Voice(s)Pfitzner, HansLieder (8 Selected songs)£4.00Add to Cart
29221Songs for Solo Voice(s)Pizzetti, IldebrandoCinque liriche, No.1: I Pastori£3.00Add to Cart
29222Songs for Solo Voice(s)Pizzetti, IldebrandoTre Sonetti di Petrarca, No.2: Quel rosignuol che si soave piagne£3.50Add to Cart
29223Songs for Solo Voice(s)Pizzetti, IldebrandoTre Canti Greci, No.2: Mirologio per un bambino£3.50Add to Cart
29224Songs for Solo Voice(s)Pizzetti, IldebrandoTre Canti Greci, No.3: Canzone per ballo£3.50Add to Cart
29226Songs for Solo Voice(s)Pratella, F. BalillaRaccolta di Musiche, monodiche e melodiche poco divulgate dall'Antichita fino al Secolo XVII notate, armonizzate e tradotte modernamente per Canto e Pianoforte£15.00Add to Cart
29229Songs for Solo Voice(s)Puccini, GiacomoThe Flower Duet from Madam Butterfly£5.00Add to Cart
29230Songs for Solo Voice(s)Ravel, MauriceSheherazade£5.00Add to Cart
29231Songs for Solo Voice(s)Refice, LicinioOmbra di Nube, per canto e pianoforte£2.50Add to Cart
29233Songs for Solo Voice(s)Rorem, NedPoems of Love and The Rain£5.00Add to Cart
29234Songs for Solo Voice(s)Rummel, Walter MorseHaesternae Rosae, Serta I: Neuf Chansons francaises du XVIIieme Siecle£5.00Add to Cart
29236Songs for Solo Voice(s)Schulhoff, ErwinSamtliche Lieder, fur Singstimme und Klavier, 3 Volumes£50.00Add to Cart

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