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Catalogue 61

A Catalogue of Second Hand Music

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29000Chamber (String)Palmgren, SelimRefrain de Berceau, arr. String Quartet by Cedric Sharpe£3.50Add to Cart
29001Chamber (String)Part, ArvoPsalom fur Streichquartett (Score & parts)£5.00Add to Cart
29002Chamber (String)Part, ArvoStabat Mater, String Trio Parts£15.00Add to Cart
29003Chamber (String)Perlea, JonelStreich-Quartett in vier Satzen, Op.10£25.00Add to Cart
29004Chamber (String)Petrassi, GoffredoQuartetto per archi£12.50Add to Cart
29005Chamber (String)Petrassi, GoffredoTrio per Violino, Viola e Violoncello£12.50Add to Cart
29008Chamber (String)Pijper, WillemString Quartet No.4£6.50Add to Cart
29009Chamber (String)Pijper, WillemString Quartet No.5 (Unfinished)£6.50Add to Cart
29010Chamber (String)Pijper, Willem4 Pezzi Antichi, voor 3 violen en violoncello£4.50Add to Cart
29011Chamber (String)Pleyel, IgnazThree Trios, op.11, for Violin Viola and Cello£6.50Add to Cart
29012Chamber (String)Ponce, Manuel4 Miniatures pour Quatuor a Cordes£14.00Add to Cart
29013Chamber (String)Raasted, N.O.In Memoriam, Op.47, Ausgabe B fur Streichquartett£4.50Add to Cart
29015Chamber (String)Ricci-Signorini, A.Adagietto e Tempo di Gavotta, per 2 Violini, Viola e Violoncello (Score & parts)£10.00Add to Cart
29017Chamber (String)Rubinstein, AntonQuatuor, pour deux Violons, Alto et Violoncelle, Op. 90/1£15.00Add to Cart
29021Chamber (String)San Martini, Giuseppe1er Concerto, pour deux violons, alto, violoncello, Mis au jour par Henry Prunieres£4.00Add to Cart
29023Chamber (String)Santoliquido, FrancescoQuartetto in do minore, per due violini, viola e violoncello£24.00Add to Cart
29024Chamber (String)Schulhoff, Erwin5 Stucke fur Streichquartett (Score & Parts)£12.50Add to Cart
29028Chamber (String)Sinigaglia, LeoneStreich-Quartett, Op.27£20.00Add to Cart
29029Chamber (String)Skalkottas, NikosDuo per Violino e Viola£6.50Add to Cart
29030Chamber (String)Stachowski, MarekString Quartet No.4 (Score & parts)£10.00Add to Cart
29032Chamber (String)Stojowski, SigismondVariations et Fugue, pour deux Violons, Alto et Violoncelle, Op.6£14.00Add to Cart
29034Chamber (String)Svendsen, JohanQuartett fur 2 Violinen, Bratsche und Violoncell, Op.1£15.00Add to Cart
29035Chamber (String)Szymanowski, KarolQuartets, for two Violins, Viola and Violoncello (Op.37 & 56)£25.00Add to Cart
29037Chamber (String)Tartaglione, G.L'Ultimo Sogno di Santa Cecilia, Quartetto per Archi£6.50Add to Cart
29038Chamber (String)Tartini, GiuseppeDue Sonate a Quattro, per due violini, viola e violoncello, Revisione di Michelangelo Abbado£10.00Add to Cart
29040Chamber (String)Tkaltchitch, YouroQuatuor a Cordes, Op.1/1£25.00Add to Cart
29041Chamber (String)Tkaltchitch, YouroPetit quatuor a cordes£10.00Add to Cart
29044Chamber (String)Turina, JoaquinLa oracion del torero (String Quartet)£5.00Add to Cart
29045Chamber (String)Turina, JoaquinLa oracion del torero (String Quartet)£4.00Add to Cart
29046Chamber (String)Ujj, Bela vonTwo Bagatelles fur Streich-Quartett, Op.82 (Score & parts)£5.00Add to Cart
29047Chamber (String)Vachon, PaulString Quartet in D, Op.6/6, Revised and Edited by James Brown£4.50Add to Cart
29264Chamber (String)Vasks, Peteris3. Streichquartett (String Quartet No.3), Score & Parts£15.00Add to Cart
29048Chamber (String)Vendler, BohumilRomanticke nalady (for String Trio), Op.15a£14.50Add to Cart
29049Chamber (String)Zarebski, JuliuszPiano Quintet£15.00Add to Cart
29050Chamber (String)Zarebski, JuliuszPiano Quartet£15.00Add to Cart
29173Songs for Solo Voice(s)Arrieu, ClaudePoemes de Louise de Vilmorin£3.50Add to Cart
29174Songs for Solo Voice(s)Bartok, BelaEight Hungarian Folksongs, Voice and Piano£4.00Add to Cart
29175Songs for Solo Voice(s)Bartok, BelaFive Hungarian Folksongs, Voice and Piano£4.00Add to Cart
29176Songs for Solo Voice(s)Bartok, BelaZwanzig ungarische Volkslieder, Gesang und Klavier, Book I: Lieder der Trauer£3.00Add to Cart
29177Songs for Solo Voice(s)Bellini, Vincenzo15 Composizioni da Camera, per canto e pianoforte£7.50Add to Cart
29178Songs for Solo Voice(s)Blancafort, ManuelTres Cancons de Nadal£5.00Add to Cart
29180Songs for Solo Voice(s)Castelnuovo-Tedesco, M.Four Shakespeare Songs, for Baritone and Piano£3.50Add to Cart
29181Songs for Solo Voice(s)Chaminade, CecileMesse, pour deux voix egales, Op.167: Agnus Dei£1.50Add to Cart
29182Songs for Solo Voice(s)Chausson, ErnestVingt Melodies, piano et chant£9.50Add to Cart
29183Songs for Solo Voice(s)Chausson, ErnestMelodies (14), pour Chant et Piano, High Voice£10.00Add to Cart
29185Songs for Solo Voice(s)Cornelius, PeterAlbum of 21 Songs (21 Lieder), Low Voice£8.50Add to Cart
29186Songs for Solo Voice(s)Cornelius, PeterSamtliche Duette, fur Gesang mit und ohne Pianofortebegleitung£6.50Add to Cart
29187Songs for Solo Voice(s)Donaudy, Stefano36 Arie di stile antico, per canto e pianoforte, Serie I: 12 Arie£4.50Add to Cart
29188Songs for Solo Voice(s)Donizetti, GaetanoCompsizioni da Camera, per canto e pianoforte, Volume I£6.50Add to Cart
29189Songs for Solo Voice(s)Donizetti, GaetanoCompsizioni da Camera, per canto e pianoforte, Volume II£7.50Add to Cart

Showing results 151 - 200 of 342

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