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Catalogue 61

A Catalogue of Second Hand Music

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29109Full ScoresFalla, Manuel dePantomime and Ritual Fire Dance from El Amor Brujo, for Sextet£12.50Add to Cart
29110Full ScoresFaure, GabrielPiano Quartets Nos.1 and 2 & Piano Quintet No.1£10.00Add to Cart
29111Full ScoresGlazunov, AlexanderSinfonie Nr.1, Op.5£10.00Add to Cart
29112Full ScoresGlazunov, AlexanderStreichquartett Nr.3 (Quatuor Slave), Op.26£3.50Add to Cart
29114Full ScoresMahler, GustavSymphony No.5 (Large format)£12.50Add to Cart
29118Full ScoresOrff, CarlCarmina Burana, Edition for Two Pianos and Percussion£20.00Add to Cart
29119Full ScoresRachmaninoff, SergePiano Concerto No.1, Op.1 & 2, Op.18£15.00Add to Cart
29121Full ScoresRachmaninoff, SergePiano Concerto No.3, Op.30 (Large format)£10.00Add to Cart
29124Full ScoresSaint-Saens, CamilleRhapsodie d'Auvergne, Op.73, fur Klavier und Orchester£7.50Add to Cart
29125Full ScoresSaint-Saens, CamilleHavanaise, fur Violine und Orchester, Op.83 (Urtext)£10.00Add to Cart
29126Full ScoresSchoenberg, ArnoldSamtliche Werke, Abteilung VII, Reihe A, Band 28: Bearbeitungen und Gelegenheitswerke fur Kammerensemble£80.00Add to Cart
29128Full ScoresSchoenberg, ArnoldKol Nidre, Op.39£30.00Add to Cart
29129Full ScoresSchoenberg, ArnoldConcerto for String Quartet and Orchestra£8.50Add to Cart
29130Full ScoresSchoenberg, ArnoldAccompaniment to a Cinematographic Scene, Op.34£5.00Add to Cart
29131Full ScoresScriabin, AlexanderSymphony No.1, Op.26£35.00Add to Cart
29132Full ScoresScriabin, AlexanderSymphony No.2, Op.29£40.00Add to Cart
29135Full ScoresStrauss, RichardTone Poems: Series I: Don Juan; Tod und Verklarung; Don Quixote£15.00Add to Cart
29136Full ScoresStrauss, RichardTone Poems: Series II: Till Eulenspiegel; Also Sprach Zarathustra; Ein Heldenleben£15.00Add to Cart
29137Full ScoresStrauss, RichardMetamorphosen (Large format)£10.00Add to Cart
29138Full ScoresStrauss, RichardStreichquartett aus der Oper Capriccio£3.00Add to Cart
29139Full ScoresStravinsky, IgorPetroushka (1911 Version)£20.00Add to Cart
29140Full ScoresStravinsky, IgorThe Rite of Spring (Revised 1947)£12.00Add to Cart
29142Full ScoresStravinsky, IgorHistoire du Soldat (Large format)£25.00Add to Cart
29143Full ScoresStravinsky, IgorSymphonies of Wind Instruments (1920 & 1947 versions)£12.00Add to Cart
29145Full ScoresStravinsky, IgorThree Songs from William Shakespeare£5.00Add to Cart
29147Full ScoresSzymanowski, KarolComplete Edition, Volume 4: Cantatas (Cloth)£45.00Add to Cart
29150Full ScoresSzymanowski, KarolComplete Edition, Volume 6: String Quartets, Opp.37 & 56£12.50Add to Cart
29154Full ScoresSzymanowski, KarolStabat Mater, Op.53£9.50Add to Cart
29155Full ScoresSzymanowski, KarolLitaniei fur die Jungfrau Maria, Op.59£5.00Add to Cart
29156Full ScoresTchaikovsky, P.The Nutcracker, Complete Ballet£16.50Add to Cart
29157Full ScoresThomas, AmbroiseOverture to the Opera Mignon£5.00Add to Cart
29158Full ScoresThomas, AmbroiseOverture to Raymond£8.50Add to Cart
29159Full ScoresWebern, AntonZwei Lieder, fur Gesang und acht Instrumente, Op.8£6.50Add to Cart
29161Full ScoresWebern, AntonVier Lieder, fur Gesang und Orchester, Op.13£11.50Add to Cart
29162Full ScoresWebern, AntonVier Lieder, fur Gesang und Orchester, Op.13£10.00Add to Cart
29163Full ScoresWebern, AntonSechs Lieder, fur Singstimme, Klarinette, Bassklarinette, Geige und Violoncell, Op.14£8.50Add to Cart
29164Full ScoresWebern, AntonSechs Lieder, fur Singstimme, Klarinette, Bassklarinette, Geige und Violoncell, Op.14£7.50Add to Cart
29165Full ScoresWebern, AntonFunf geistliche Lieder, fur Gesang, Flote, Klarinette, Trompete, Harfe und Geige, Op.15£7.50Add to Cart
29166Full ScoresWebern, AntonDrei Volkstexte, Op.17£6.50Add to Cart
29167Full ScoresWebern, AntonDrei Volkstexte, Op.17£5.00Add to Cart
29168Full ScoresWebern, AntonZwei Lieder, Op.19£6.50Add to Cart
29170Full ScoresWebern, AntonQuartett, fur Geige, Klarinette, Tenorsaxophon und Klavier, Op.22£11.50Add to Cart

Showing results 301 - 342 of 342

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