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12 Violin Duets (or sets of violin duets) bound together

Including Hering's Grosse Sonate, Op.17; Hoffmeister's Op.30; Kalliwoda's Opp.213 & 234; Kayser Op.52; Meert's Quatre Sonatinen; Speier's Opp.1, 4, 15 & 73

Category: Violin

Composer(s): Album Hering, Carl. Hoffmeister, F.A.. Kalliwoda, J.W.. Kayser, H.E.. Meerts, L.J.. Schoen, Moritz. Sechter, Simon. Speier, Wilhelm

Product ID: 29357

Published: Dated 1877

Publisher: Various

Format: Folio

Price: £25.00

Binding: Contemporary cloth

Description: 1st Violin part binding worn with old amateur cloth repair to spine. Marked else music VG- for age

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